Vail & Associates is an organizational consulting firm based in the City of Crescent City, Ca. We offer an array of services to agencies that serve persons with developments disabilities. We specialize in Small Business Development-Start-Up; Organizational Assessment; Change Management; Management Coaching; Quality Assurance Programs and Review; Individual Support Plans, Training Programs and Data Collection Systems; Training and Staff Development Programs such as the 32-hour QDDP (formerly QMRP) Training Program and the 16-hour ICF/MR New Provider Orientation Training and Expert Consulting and Training on a wide variety of topics pertinent to the field of developmental disabilities.

We are one of only a handful of firms delivering consulting services to businesses, organizations, and agencies serving persons with developmental disabilities. Our services are particularly unique and sought after for the array of resources available to assist, improve, and address the day-to-day operation of programs providing residential and day program services as well as supported living and independent living programs.

Business Development
  • Vision and Strategic Planning
  • Business Start Up
  • Organizational Development
  • Program Plans/Designs
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • ISP/Data Collections System Design
  • Quality Assurance Review
  • Job Description and Evaluation Design
  • Change Management
  • Quality Assuance Program Design, Assessment, and Monitoring
Organizational Crisis Management
  • Situational Assessment and Analysis
  • Crisis Intervention Planning
  • Crisis Intervention Implementation
  • Decertification Process Intervention
Training and Development
  • ICF/MR New Provider Orientation
  • ISP Development/Implementation
  • QDDP (formerly QMRP) Training Program
  • Active Treatment
  • Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
  • Licensing Survey Preparation
  • Client Rights & Abuse Prevention
  • Diversity/Multicultural Issues
  • Individualized/Specialized Programs
  • Working With Individuals With Mental Health Issues

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